Saturday, October 23, 2010

Afghanistan Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team is coming home

I'm proud of my good friend Sergeant First Class David Broderick who just received a SecFor award for the work he and his team did protecting the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Zabul Province. These fine troops suffered a great loss on June 11, 2010 when two of their Soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber. The team responded by charging forward in the face of adversity to complete their work. God Bless them and I wish them a safe journey home to their families. David sent the main body (majority of his troops) home, but is still in country for a little while longer. Please keep him in your prayers!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A wealth of information about PTSD, please read about Michael Orban

I have a new connection for you to consider. I have spoken with Mr. Orban and understand his philosophy and approach to helping Veterans. Fundamentally, as a combat infantryman of the Vietnam era, he has the ability to speak our language. I am not promoting his individual work as I have yet to read it or listen to a complete radio broadcast. I'm simply asking that as a Veteran or family member of a Vet, you leverage all the resources available. The links alone from Mr. Orban's home page will enable you to learn much more than you've ever known about combat-induced PTSD.

PTSD has been debilitating for me and I currently have no end in sight. What is important to note here though is that I feel less alone about my suffering. There is something to say for a shared suffering, a shared sacrifice. Recently, Mr. Orban's web radio broadcast focused on the high rate of suicide among Veterans and especially Combat Vets. It is simply worth looking at.

After speaking with him, I immediately sensed brotherhood and comradery. This is one of the elements that has been missing in my life since I came home from Iraq. Please take the time to do the research. Contact me individually if there is any way I can help. Thank you and God Bless our troops!

Home page for more information about Michael Orban

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

I have recently been accepted for membership with IAVA. I applied based on feedback from a Vietnam era Veteran I am collaborating with. I highly recommend any Combat Veteran consider researching and joining this organization.

Link to the IAVA web site

IAVA Mission and HistoryOur Mission: IAVA’s mission is to improve the lives of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families.

The Need: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are in their seventh and eighth years respectively. Nearly two million American troops have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, and thousands have been deployed multiple times.

IAVA addresses critical issues facing new veterans and their families, including mental health injuries, a stretched VA system, inadequate health care for female veterans, and GI Bill educational benefits.

IAVA also provides valuable resources and empowers veterans to connect with one another, fostering a strong and lasting community.

History: IAVA was founded in 2004 by current Executive Director Paul Rieckhoff and his fellow Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. After returning home from their tours, these veterans came together after quickly becoming concerned with the way the war in Iraq was being portrayed in the media and the overall plight of newly returned veterans. There were many policy experts and talking heads on TV, but very few people who had actually served on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan. There was no one talking about what our wounded friends needed and the issues they faced. The creation of IAVA allowed thousands of veterans to join the national dialogue, and to explain what was really happening on the ground overseas and back home in the US.