Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Talk today with Christine Hardiman, wife of our dearly departed Dale

I had the honor of speaking with Christine today. She is deeply thankful Service and Sacrifice is dedicated to her late husband Dale. To inform you all, Sergeant Dale Hardiman was a Soldier with my unit, Charlie Company, 103rd Engineers. Dale was home on leave and out with his dear wife Christine when he was killed (09/10/2005) by a downed high tension wire near there home. Dale was our Radio Operator and the voice of Charlie Company in Iraq!
Christine has been doing well and she has volunteered to speak with families of wounded Veterans, especially spouses in need of advice. She is a wonderful person and I'm glad to know her. Please say a prayer for Christine and all in Dale's family.
I will never forget Dale.

Finally, God Bless our military and their families wherever they are in the world today!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book sales and charity drive: Service and Sacrifice

Hello everyone!
I have been quite sick over the last few months with very little time or energy to post here. The good news is I have a small team of helpers working to move the nearly 400 books I have remaining in stock! I'd like to thank former PA Guard Sergeant Wendell Chavis for taking 20 books to sell. Wendell is enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania, Upward Bound program. I'd like to thank my mother-in-law, Cyndy Millican for selling 17 of her 20 copies! Finally, I'd like to thank former National Guardsman, Sergeant First Class Nate Foreman for taking 30 books. Nate lives in the Upper Peninsula Michigan and volunteers at the Iron Mountain VA Medical Center.
Many of my friends and Co-workers have purchased the book or recommended it to friends. Thank you all. I am working with four charities, two get 15% and two will get 10% of the net book sales. The balance of the money raised will go into an account for Veteran Family Emergencies in the Philadelphia area (or for Vet families I deployed with).
Please visit my personal web site:
Books ordered from my site are shipped with a custom signature in thanks for your contributions! I'll do my best to keep this blog up to date.
On Saturday, April 2nd, I took place as a panelist for a Theater of War town hall meeting at the University of Penn Museum. I'd like to thank Theater of War for this wonderful opportunity to speak publicly about my Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury. I have been honored twice to work with this team and especially David Strathairn, the New York based actor. David now has a copy of Service and Sacrifice and was quite honored I gave him one in thanks for his work for our Veterans. Please visit their web site for more information:
God Bless our Service Men and Women, their families and care givers wherever they are in the world!