Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Talk today with Christine Hardiman, wife of our dearly departed Dale

I had the honor of speaking with Christine today. She is deeply thankful Service and Sacrifice is dedicated to her late husband Dale. To inform you all, Sergeant Dale Hardiman was a Soldier with my unit, Charlie Company, 103rd Engineers. Dale was home on leave and out with his dear wife Christine when he was killed (09/10/2005) by a downed high tension wire near there home. Dale was our Radio Operator and the voice of Charlie Company in Iraq!
Christine has been doing well and she has volunteered to speak with families of wounded Veterans, especially spouses in need of advice. She is a wonderful person and I'm glad to know her. Please say a prayer for Christine and all in Dale's family.
I will never forget Dale.

Finally, God Bless our military and their families wherever they are in the world today!

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