Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Service and Sacrifice" book released February 17, 2011 is the dedicated book web site.

From author Army National Guard Lieutenant Samuel J. Console comes a gripping story of men in combat. Made available through Xlibris, Service and Sacrifice will help Veteran’s families understand what their loved ones have faced overseas and how it affects them now.
The author – a platoon leader in Charlie Company, 103rd Engineers – and his men were mobilized in 2004 by the 28th Infantry Division and assigned as part of Task Force Dragoon, a battalion-size task force of close to eight hundred troops made up of infantry, armor, and engineer soldiers. In this bold and daring account, Console weaves his personal experiences, how his intrepid and brave group of combat engineers discovered, defused, and destroyed IEDs, saving countless lives of the US Armed Forces, Iraqi military, and civilians.
Filled with flashbacks and a lot of combat action, Service and Sacrifice also explains the inner strength among the men of the Charlie Company and their stories of personal triumph. Furthermore, it graphically explains the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that most soldiers have encountered.
“Service and Sacrifice defines the willingness of a people to volunteer during a time of need. Thousands have made the ultimate sacrifice. Many more were injured or changed forever. Writing about Iraq has been healing for me. I’m positive it will be healing for others,” the author remarks.
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Service and Sacrifice * by Sam Console, 1st Lieutenant
Memories of Operation Iraqi Freedom with a Veterans Mental Health and Resource Guide
Publication Date: February 17, 2011
Trade Paperback; $19.99; 312 pages; 978-1-4568-6812-3
Trade Hardback; $29.99; 312 pages; 978-1-4568-6813-0
eBook; $9.99; 978-1-4568-6814-7

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