Thursday, March 4, 2010

Book reviews

The purpose of this blog is to get the word out about the progress towards getting 'Service and Sacrifice' published. I've read several military books to learn more about memoirs and other combat experiences. I've been doing this work as a member of the Dorrance Publishing 'Book Review Team'.

I have just completed reading ‘Toy Soldier – SGT Perronne’s Story’ by Paul E. Perronne. This is a very interesting account of one airman’s experience of the early days of Desert Storm and how serving during that war changed his life. This account may inform veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom about the struggles many service members have experienced proving they have Service Connected medical conditions. I’m especially interested in SGT Perronne’s account of how he documented his injuries, or at least the symptoms and record of medical treatments. He made reference to keeping both a deployment journal and a medical treatment journal. This is vitally important to service members along with maintaining current official copies of their medical files.

I’m not going to attempt to take a formal position on SGT Perronne’s account and cannot validate his story. You can read it for yourself. I just believe it has quite a bit of merit from the perspective of what many of our Vets are experiencing today. Please check it out. If you need to borrow my copy, please let me know.

I have read several books and I post my comments as a member of the Dorrance Publishing ‘Book Review’ team on my Amazon account page. The link to the page is below. A copy of my book reviews are also placed on my Barnes & Nobel book review history. Stop by these sites and please feel free to leave me comments about my reviews or if you have read any of the same titles.

Let me know if these links don’t work for you! God Bless and take care!

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