Monday, March 1, 2010

Wounded Warrior National Resource Directory

Hello Everyone!
I see how time is a factor keeping a blog up-to-date. Well, I don't want to post every day just for the sake of it. I really want this information to be valuable. Here is a new reference that will be a key link from Part IV of the manuscript:

The NRD has been released as a single point of reference for the majority of known Wounded Warrior benefits and services. You'll notice it is a ".gov" site. If you check out their 'About Us' section, you'll see this program is a partnership with Department of Defense, Labor, and Veterans Affairs. There are links to State and Local services and quick filters.

Remember, the 'Service and Sacrifice during Operation Iraqi Freedom' manuscript includes key references to programs like this. In contrast, the manuscript intent is to focus on injuries related to PTSD and TBI as opposed to employment services and non-medical issues. I appreciate your feedback and God Bless America!


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