Tuesday, May 18, 2010

4th Annual G.I. Film Festival

I had the honor of visiting Washington, D.C. with my new Army Brother Captain Dan Bulkley of Tip of the Arrow (... and the PA Army Guard). We saw two shows. The first, Honor in the Valley of Tears featured 1st Seargent David H. McNerney who is a Medal of Honor recipient and his trooops. This compelling story of Service and Sacrifice in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds was mind blowing. Also, many of the Company A troops were present including 1SG McNerney and it was my honor to shake his hand after the show.
The same evening, we saw two documentaries by Gary Sinise of the famed USO Lieutenant Dan Band (based on his Forrest Gump character). I highly recommend this event. It has motivated me once again to serve our country and our Veteran population in any way I can. Visit their web site and prepare to attend the 5th annual event during Armed Forces Week in 2011. I know I'll be there!


Please visit the site and consider donating to the cause.

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