Monday, August 16, 2010

Another good friend is on his way to Afghanistan

I would like to post this message in honor of my former battalion commander, Colonel James P Wong as he is about to depart for a tour in Afghanistan. He hired me as a Platoon Leader with Alpha Company, the 103rd Engineers, 28th ID of PA back in 2002. Thank you Sir for the job of a lifetime! Godspeed and I will pray for your safe return.

Anyone wishing to get in touch with COL Wong, I have his contact information and email. I will forward your well wishes to him, no problem. Anyone wishing to post deployment news or other information in support of our troops in harms way, please click here to email me: Email Sam.

A clip from his email today, "ALL, This is my last day assigned to the Joint Staff and will be on leave for a few weeks before reporting to CRC at FT Benning, GA."

Sam Console
1LT, EN (Inactive, DAV)

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