Friday, August 27, 2010

Replay - January 25, 2010 6ABC News Video Clip and our Iraqi Freedom III Combat Video

I thought it would be great to post these two videos again. We've made so much progress in the last few months bringing the writing and editing team together. The last hurdle is to secure a publishing deal and get this 1st edition printed!

6ABC News Video from January 25, 2010
Veterans History Project the Healing Power of Writing

UPENN Center for Public Health seminar on January 25, 2010. 1LT Sam Console provided an interview to 6-ABC evening news about his recent work on a manuscript about his combat experience in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom III. Writing about combat experiences had helped mitigate the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Nightmares. The intent of the book when published is to help service men, women and their families deal with deployment stress and the various combat related health problems that are common to the two ongoing wars.

Charlie Company, 103rd Engineers in Iraq: Video compilation from September of 2005
Charlie Company 103rd Engineers in Bayji Iraq

This video was compiled from the videos and pictures I took along with those my men shared with me. It is dedicated to a great Soldier and friend of mine, Sergeant Dale Hardiman who was tragically killed while home on leave, September 10, 2005. Rest in Peace Dale! God Bless the Engineers.

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  1. OIF II Vet that conducted route clearance before buffalo's and uparmoreed Hummv's Initially we used our 5 ton dump trucks with steel we welded on. Great to see the equipment that the soldiers use now. Tough Tough work route clearance constantly on the defense, one ambush after another. 24/7 patrols. constantly playing cat and mouse games with Haji. The Crack of (Iraq) Baquabah...