Friday, June 5, 2015

I haven't written anything here in a very long time. Just wanted to share two items. I am publishing more books through a GoFundMe site:

Also, I will be on the radio tomorrow, June 6th, talking about the book and Veteran reintegration issues and mental health.

Guests - Lt. Sam Console, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and author of "Service and Sacrifice" - memories if Operation Iraqi Freedom and a Veterans Mental Health & Resource Guide.
SATURDAY 11AM - 1PM - WPG "NewsTalk" 1450AM
No radio=No problem - listen online or smartphone: Top right hand is "listen live" button.
ALSO: You can download "RadioPup" app for smart phone.
Call-in: (609) 407-1450 (All listeners who wish to engage in veterans/troops issues are encouraged to participate).
HOSTS - Commander Bill Butler and Veteran's Advocate Michael Merlino

Thank you if you can support these efforts in any way!
1LT Sam Console
Task Force Dragoon
Operational Iraqi Freedom III (2004-2005)

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